This Lopper Hangs on When You Can’t

Pruning small branches isn’t a particularly thorny job, but it can be annoying if the branch falls out of your reach or gets hung up in the surrounding foliage, which happens to be thorny. Fiskars has an innovative solution for this problem with its Cut-and-Grab Lopper ($39.99) that incorporates a clamping jaw on the off-cut side of the blade that grabs the branch and allows you to pull it safely away. It also employs a compound cutting mechanism, which makes it easy to prune up to 1-1/2-in.-dia. branches.

fiskars lopper

We tried this tool and found that it cut very smoothly and easily. The 30-in.-long handles provided plenty of leverage and the padded grips were very comfortable. Another unadvertised benefit of the clamping jaw is that prevents “slippery” branches from escaping the blade, so there’s no need to take a second pass. Like most Fiskars products we’ve tried, this one is well designed, sturdy and durable. It’s available at Amazon and several national retailers including Do it Best, Tractor Supply and True Value.


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