New Kitchen and Bath Must-Haves

Not a day goes by that we don’t use our kitchens and bathrooms — whether it’s to freshen up in the morning, to make a hot meal or to unwind after a long day — so it makes sense to keep these essential spaces up to date. Here’s a look at some of the latest necessities and luxuries that can help make these vital rooms attractive, comfortable, functional and safe.

LaunchPort Inductive Charging Wall Station and Sleeve for iPad

Mount this inductive charging station for the iPad on your wall and eliminate the cluster of cords and plugs that come with most standard charging devices. The magnetic iPad sleeve temporarily connects to the wall station and maintains complete iPad functionality while charging. It can also be attached to other metal surfaces such as a refrigerator or tool chest for use while cooking or working in the shop.

Delta Lavatory Faucets with Touch2O.xt

Adding even more versatility to its hands-free bathroom faucets, Delta’s Addison and Lahara models turn on and off in three different ways: manually, by touch and by motion. The faucets feature a 4-in. sensing field that automatically responds when a user approaches it and shuts off within seconds when the user moves out of range. Touch2O.xt technology also provides touch and manual activation, but the motion activation is especially useful when users’ hands are too messy to touch the faucet.

Panasonic WhisperRecessed Vent Fan

Style and function come together with energy efficiency in this quiet, powerful fan that resembles a designer-style can light. It removes indoor pollutants, allergens and moisture from the air and is 187 percent more energy efficient than Energy Star standards, according to Panasonic. The fan’s motor is designed to provide 30,000-plus hours of continuous use, and its housing is made of heavy-gauge zinc-galvanized steel that is painted for rust protection.

California Faucets Style Drain

Who says drains can’t be beautiful? Certainly not California Faucets: The company’s StyleDrain Tile features an innovative inlay of your choice of tile or stone to seamlessly integrate the drain into the shower floor. The drain’s minimalist appearance creates the illusion that water is disappearing into the floor.

Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations and Wood Transformations

Now you can enjoy the look of new floors without having to replace anything. The Tile Transformations kit from Rust-Oleum is a durable epoxy coating that helps DIYers update existing tile in just a few simple steps, and the Wood Floor Transformations kit renews hardwood, engineered and laminate floors without sanding — it removes scratches and marks, and the semigloss finish revives the floor’s original shine while protecting it against future wear.

Moen Pivoting Paper Holder

This innovative device features a spring-free pivoting arm that remains attached to the wall so you can easily replace toilet paper without the roller tumbling to the floor. When it’s time to change the paper, simply lift the pivoting bar, replace the empty roll with a new one and lower the bar back into place. The holder is available in several finishes to match various bathroom styles.

Carlon Horizontal Adjust-A-Box Non-Metallic Electrical Box

Suitable for mounting kitchen, bathroom and baseboard receptacles horizontally, the Carlon Adjust-A-Box features a metal bracket that clips onto a standard wood or metal stud without the need for screws. And to ensure that it installs flush with the wall surface (even with tile, baseboard and other items that create a range of wall thicknesses), it adjusts from 0 to 1-7/8 in. with a simple twist of a screw. It also works well for multilevel or small kitchen islands.

Toilet Tank Truss

Designed to prevent leaks caused by a wobbly toilet tank, the Toilet Tank Truss toilet-tank stabilizer can be cut to size with a utility knife so that it fits the gap between a toilet tank and the wall to enhance stability. The extension and clip pieces are quick to assemble, and the Tank Truss is easy to install on the back edge of the toilet tank. The tank lid fits over the clips and helps to hide the Tank Truss pieces from view.

Kidde Worry Free Kitchen Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Featuring a sealed-in Li-Ion battery that lasts for 10 years, the Kidde Worry Free Kitchen Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm not only reduces the frequency of annoying chirps emitted by most standard smoke alarms when the batteries need to be replaced but also contains smart-sensing technology designed to minimize cooking-related nuisance alarms. In addition to alerting homeowners to smoke, the alarm also detects carbon monoxide for added peace of mind.

American Standard Safe and Accessible Web site

Dedicated to providing homeowners with safe and accessible solutions for updating their homes, American Standard’s new Web site offers design guidance from resources such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the Certified Aging in Place Specialists Program (CAPS) as well as product suggestions such as walk-in bathtubs, zero-threshold showers, etc. Homeowners can also use the Web site to manage and track product selections and costs for their projects.


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